S.H. Medical Corp is the utmost leader in supplying superior quality refurbished Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Urology and Gynecology equipment, video systems, instruments and telescopes.


Established in 1994 by Héctor and María Salvadé and joined by their sons Marcelo and Fernando in 1995, S.H. Medical Corp. has established itself as one of USA’s top companies providing new and refurbished medical equipment, instruments and video systems for the specialties of Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Urology and Gynecology to list a few. We sell and distribute the industry’s most respected manufacturers such as Karl Storz, Stahl Endoscopy, Stryker, Smith & Nephew Dyonics, Arthrex, Conmed Linvatec, NDS displays, Richard Wolf, Olympus, Pentax, Covidien and Ethicon, among many others.


Being family owned, controlled and operated, S.H. Medical Corp has much more flexibility compared to other big companies.  S.H. Medical does not pay sales commissions, so recommendations made by our staff have one goal in mind:  our customers’ benefit.  S.H. Medical’s prices are highly competitive, even against Ebay’s prices, where clients risk receiving equipment from an unknown seller, under questionable working circumstances and with no guarantees.


As a result of our continuing efforts and endless search to improve, and after seeing a need for high-quality, low-cost alternative to brands such as Storz, Stryker, Conmed Linvatec, Richard Wolf and others, we created in 1996 our own brand of equipment and instruments: Stahl Endoscopy.  With equipment, telescopes and instruments made in Germany and USA from highly reputable and well-established companies, and under our strict supervision and requirement for affordable pricing and top quality, Stahl Endoscopy has positioned itself as an industry leader in the Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Urology and Gynecology markets.  All of Stahl Endoscopy’s equipment is FDA, ISO and CE certified.


Our refurbished equipment is thoroughly tested to ensure its correct functionality.  S.H. Medical spends many hours testing each piece of equipment with specialized testing equipment to ensure they pass the original manufacturer’s specifications and our criteria for functionality.

SH Medical employs and trains its staff thoroughly to achieve what we strive:  customer satisfaction from the first moment our clients contact us to the moment they receive our equipment. Should any piece of equipment malfunction, S.H. Medical provides a 3-month warranty for refurbished equipment and for most new products, a 1-year warranty.

We have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, and we take great pride in having built one of the industry’s most reputable firms.  Equipped with a state of the art facility, and backed by an experienced and professional team, we are able to export our products to all countries in good standing with the USA.


SH Medical Corp. is conveniently situated 5 minutes away from Miami International Airport, a strategic location that enables us to ship our goods anywhere in the globe to meet our clients’ requirements and time frames.

SH Medical Corp’s friendly staff members are fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and are trained to help our clients in selecting the most appropriate equipment depending on their unique needs and specifications.

  • We are a solid team with over 23 years experience in the same location in Miami
  • Over 50 years combined experience in the medical field
  • Proficient in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Leaders in the USA for refurbished and new equipment, and for instruments for Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Urology and Gynecology
  • Warranty
  • Located close to MIA

Past & Future

Established in 1994 by Héctor and María Salvadé and soon joined by their sons Marcelo and Fernando, the Salvadé family has worked hard to make S.H. Medical Corp one of the most respected leaders in the USA providing refurbished and new equipment and instruments for the specialties of Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Urology and Gynecology.

Our team of dedicated and friendly staff members has been with S.H. Medical Corp for years, and we strive to maintain that continuity. Since 1994 our focus has been the same: our customers’ satisfaction. Our reputation has been impeccable since 1994 with both customers and suppliers alike, and we remain committed to setting new industry standards through excellence in customer support, and by supplying superior quality products.

SH Medical Corp is small enough to have the flexibility and ability to adapt to the new trends and ever-changing technology in the medical industry. We are equipped and capable of adapting to any new industry practices by always keeping our suppliers informed and up to date with our clients’ ongoing needs.

Our size is small enough to care about each of our clients and to respond to their needs with the attention and speed they deserve, however, we are large enough to handle small to large-scale orders for clients within the United States and globally. We thoroughly test each piece of equipment so our customers receive only the best. And our friendly staff is always willing to answer questions, send pictures or videos or help our customers with logistic needs, among others.

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