WOLF COBRA 7326071

The flexible dual-channel sensor ureteroscope COBRA vision impresses with the unique selling points of two working channels which permit simultaneous working with two inserted auxiliary instruments and therefore significantly reduces intervention times in the operating room. Along with outstanding image quality, this instrument has a specially designed laser shifter for fixation and precise length adjustment of the laser fiber. It is therefore, ideal for use in stone therapy.
These two flexible sensor ureteroscopes have a sensor unit which operates together with the latest ENDOCAM Logic HD camera controller. This instrument is illuminated with an integrated LED for optimum illumination of the operating site without interfering light spots.
Apart from the sensor ureteroscopes, flexible fiber ureteroscopes and rigid fiber compact ureteroscopes are naturally also supplied with straight, side and laterally offset eyepieces.

The only flexible dual-channel sensor URS on the market
Ergonomically designed handle with axial camera cable
Sheath diameter 9.9 Fr., suitable for access sheaths from 11/13 Fr.
Atraumatic, oblique distal tip made of stainless steel, 6.3 Fr.
6 Fr. Working and irrigation channel
Laser channel 2.4 Fr.—for laser fibers up to 272 µm
Active upward/downward deflection of 270°
Optimized irrigation performance with enlarged, central working channel for use with mono-irrigation
Ideal position of laser and instrument channel with the advantage of collecting stone concretions easier and the laser fiber no longer gliding over the stone

Storz Flex X2

Minimal Sheath of 7.5 Fr: An ideal combination of a torsion-resistant sheath and a flexible tip with integrated shock absorber system allows navigation even in the most tortuous ureter and facilitates access to all renal areas, often without the need for dilation or a guide wire.
Single-Lever Control: Patented single-lever control of the bending section provides intuitive navigation and control. The lightweight, ergonomic handle further enhances surgeon control.

Torsion-Resistant, Stable Sheath: The sheath design incorporates state-of-the-art material to provide 1:1 torque for enhanced storability.

Ceramic Insert: The ceramic insert at the distal end of the working channel protects the endoscope from thermal damage.

Intuitive Control: The advanced proprietary vertebra design provides anatomy-conforming deflection regardless of anatomical anomalies thanks to the single-lever deflection control.

Shock-Resistant Deflection System: The innovative shock absorber system provides optimum movement of the entire deflection system, protects the instrument, and provides easier access to the lower renal calyces.


Deflection of Distal Tip: 270°.

Tip Diameter: 2.2 mm.

Direction of View: 0°.

Angle of View: 88°.

Working Length: 67 cm.

Working Channel Inner Diameter: 3.6 Fr.

Sheath Size: 7.5 Fr.


Durable Flexible Ureteroscope with Active Primary and Secondary Deflections
2.9 mm (8.7 Fr.) Diameter
64 cm Working Length
1.2 mm (3.6 Fr.) Instrument Channel


Durable Flexible Ureteroscope
2.9 mm (8.7 Fr.) Shaft
2.2 mm (6.8 Fr.) Distal Tip Diameter
65 cm Working Length
1.2 mm (3.6 Fr.) Instrument Working Channel

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