Stryker Laparoscopes

Gain brilliant, high-definition images and improved light distribution and transmission through Stryker’s IDEAL EYES lines.
IDEAL EYES: Designed to improve a high-resolution picture while displaying the maximum

10mm & 5mm Laparoscopes
502-539-010 0º-5mm x 330mm
502-859-010 0º-10mm x 330mm
502-860-010 0º-10mm x 330mm
502-937-010 0º-10mm x 330mm
502-210-010 0º-10mm (Bariatric) x 450mm
502-859-030 30º-10mm x 330mm
502-860-030 30º-10mm x 330mm
502-210-030 30º-10mm (Bariatric) x 450mm
502-657-030 30º-10mm x 450mm
502-539-030 30º-5mm x 300mm
502-540-030 30º-5mm x 300mm
502-555-010 30º-5mm x 300mm
502-555-030 30º-5mm x 300mm
502-205-030 30º-5mm (Bariatric) x 450mm
502-503-045 45º-5.5mm x 300mm
502-537-010 0º-5.4mm x 300mm
502-537-030 30º-5.4mm x 300mm
502-860-045 45º-10mm x 330mm
502-103-045 45º-10mm x 330mm
502-859-045 45º-10mm x 330mm
502-457-045 45º-10mm x 330mm
502-210-045 45º-10mm (Bariatric) x 450mm
502-211-045 45º-10mm (Bariatric) x 450mm
502-657-045 45º-10mm (Bariatric) x 450mm

Conmed/Linvatec Laparoscopes

Offer excellent optical performance with state-of-the-art optical systems

10mm & 5mm Laparoscopes
HD5500 0º-5.5mm
T1000 0º-10mm
UHD1000 0°-10mm
HD5530 30º-5mm
HD1030 30º-10mm

STAHL HD Laparoscope

Full HD Autoclavable Laparoscope

10mm & 5mm Laparoscopes
00HD 0º - 10 mm x 300mm
30HD  30º - 10 mm x 300mm
00HD 0º - 5 mm x 300mm
30HD  30º - 5 mm x 300mm


The unique rod lens system ensures excellent image quality with optimal brightness, contrast and detail.

10mm & 5mm Laparoscopes
26008AA 0° - 2 mm x 260mm
26007AA 0° - 3.3 mm x 250mm
26046AA 0º-5mm x 300mm
26003AA 0º-10mm x 300mm
26008BA 30°- 2mm x 260mm
26007BA 30° - 3.3 mm x 250mm
26046BA 30º-5mm X 300mm
26003BA 30º-10mm x 300mm
26046FA 45° - 5 mm x 290mm
26003FA 45° - 10mm x 310mm

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