Arthrex HD Arthroscopes

Arthrex HD offers autoclavable scopes with a Storz style connection that are made with the same high quality design and are made to Arthrex’s high standard of quality as the Synergy Scopes. The scopes feature a superb image quality and provides durability with distal sapphire lens and laser welding. The scopes are available in a variety of lengths and direction of views to accommodate multiple needs in the O.R.

AR-3000AW  4mm x 0 Degree – Working length 174mm, Storz Style

AR-3030AW 4mm x 30 Degree – Working length 177mm, Storz Style

AR-3070AW 4mm x 70 Degree – Working length 177mm, Storz Style

Arthrex Synergy HD Arthroscopes – autoclavable arthroscopes are designed and optimized for the SynergyUHD4™ camera system to provide superb image quality, as well as robust durability.

AR-3350-4030  4mm x 30 Degree – Working length 152.5mm

AR-3350-4070 4mm x 70 Degree – Working length 156m

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