Flexible Stahl Naso-Laryngoscope

An instrument for examining the larynx.

  • Flexible Laryngoscope:
  • Clear, full format monitor image through Chip-in-Tip video technology (CMOS)
  • Bright and homogenous illumination by means of an integrated LED illumination engine
  • Excellent 135° distal deflection brings hard to reach areas into view
  • Thin and extremely flexible 3.8 mm diameter insertion tube optimized for more patient comfort
  • Increased physician comfort due to ergonomic handpiece design
  • Simple start-up, no camera adjustments or white-balance necessary due to factory video settings and LED illumination
  • Absolutely silent controller
  • Low cost of ownership since the all-in-one approach replaces fiber naso-pharyngoscope, camera and light source

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