Linvatec / Conmed 24K

Delivers high performance with custom functions and flexible features that allow you to get the job done, including inflow/outflow control capabilities, true Intra-articular Pressure Sensing (TIPS), and shaver suction control, flow rates up to 2 liters per minute, and an EcoFlow® day-use tubing option that may increase efficiency in a busy OR.

Component Features and Benefits:

Dual rotors and pinch valve – allows the pump to operate in inflow/outflow/shaver suction mode which provides a complete fluid management solution.

– Single Rotor Operation – Easy set up to operate with inflow only 10k® tube set for simple diagnostic arthroscopy.

– Independent pressure, flow and shaver suction controls – Increases the surgeon’s ability to tailor the function of the pump to the surgical requirements.

– Selectable Wave Mode – Keeps the joint crystal clear even with 2 portal knee arthroscopy.

– Independent tamponade and flush control – Simplifies controlling bleeding and clearing debris with the Clearfield button.

– Drain button – A simple and effective method of removing the remaining fluid from the joint.


Max Pressure 150 mmHg Min Pressure 10 mmHg

Weight 10.3 lbs

Height 7.1 in Width 14 in Depth 15.9 in

Max Flow Rate 2500 mL/minute

Outflow (L/M/H) 50/150/300 mL/min

Suction (L/M/H) 500/850/1200 mL/min

Knee Preset 30 mmHg Shoulder 40 mmHg Hip Preset 70 mmHg Small Joint 20 mmHg

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