Smith & Nephew / Dyonics Arthroscopes

To keep the operative site in focus for a wide range of vision, our arthroscopes and Video Arthroscopes have been engineered with wide-angle lens construction and optimal depth of field, helping to reduce the need for refocusing during surgery

Direct-View Arthroscopes, Autoclavable provide optimal flexibility with a choice of viewing angles for thorough joint examination without compromising technique.

3894 – 4.0mm x 30 Degree – Working length 160mm

3895 – 4.0mm x 70 Degree – Working length 160mm

7208132 – 4.0mm x 30 Degree – Working length 175mm

Direct-View Arthroscopes, Non Autoclavable

3625 – 2.7mm x 30 Degree – Working length 120mm

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