Smith & Nephew Ref: 72204011 LED 3000 Light Source

The LED3000 Light Source is designed to optimize the HD visualization experience by providing brilliant illumination through a compact and intuitive interface, while helping to reduce equipment repairs within the OR by offering over 30,000 hours of LED lifespan.


  • The expected LED life of 30,000 hours provides over 15 years of operation
  • Lower voltage is required for high lumen output, making it more efficient
  • Consistent crisp, “cool white” light operates at 7000° K daylight brightness for quality color definition
  • An intuitive 10 bar, LCD display with arrows to adjust the light intensity
  • Automatically switches the unit to go into standby mode if a fiber optic cable is not inserted
  • Ergonomically designed turret includes ACMI, Olympus, Storz, & Wolf ports.

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