Storz 20132120, 175W Xenon

The Storz 175 Watt Xenon Light Source is intended to provide illumination for endoscopic applications. The light source output is equivalent to daylight having a 6000K color temperature. Compact ceramic xenon lamp that enables the light source to achieve a high light output due to the lamps light collection efficiency. Ultraviolet and infrared filters to prohibit harmful radiation from entering the fiber optic cable. Graduated shutter to attenuate the intensity of the light output from 0 – 100%. Universal turret located on the front panel which allows the light source to be used with various types of cables. Lamp life indicator attached to the front of the lamp module to indicate the total hours of use elapsed.

Features & Benefits:

175-watt xenon lamp

Auto and Manual Function

Sold in Clear Finish (Available in Matte Finish)

4-Way compatible light turret

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