Storz 22200020-055 Image 1, 3CCD digital

Image 1HD offers the highest standard ever for endoscopic imaging 1080p60. It acquires and displays surgical images in 16:9 for the widest and most natural aspect ratio possible. The technology uses progressive scanning at 60 frames per second to capture fast-moving objects and produce sharper still images during endoscopic procedures. And it uses 3 CCD technology, the proven standard in today’s OR. Because the camera head can be mounted to the proximal end of any telescope, every specialty benefits of our Image1 HD solution.

The launch of Image 1HD marks a significant improvement over standard definition (SD) and even over early low-end HD video technologies. Image 1has traditionally offered resolution of 720 x 480 (horizontal x vertical) pixels in a 4:3 format and interlaced scanning, represented by the lightest colored frame in the image in the sidebar to the right. Our new FULL HD technology offers images with are solution of 1920 x 1080 an amazing 2 million pixels in a 16:9 format, which is represented by the dark blue frame. Compared with our SD systems, Image 1HD with1080 resolution and progressive scanning provides six times more pixel resolution twice as often to give 12 times more information in each second of video you see.

Image 1 Camera Heads:

Ref: 22220133-3 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 F3 ENT and Arthroscopy Camera Head

Ref: 22220140 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 A3 Autoclavable Camera Head

Ref: 22220131-3 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 P3 Urology Camera Head

Ref: 22220130 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 S3 Digital Camera Head

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