Storz Image1 HUB, 3CCD digital HD / Ref: 22201020-104

The IMAGE 1 HUB HD family constitutes the backbone of the KARL STORZ FULL HD Imaging System. With 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and progressive scan, the camera control unit (CCU) guarantees a lag-free image and natural color reproduction. The unique combination of ease-of-use and excellent image quality ensures time-efficiency and maximum patient safety, marking a new milestone in the evolution of endoscopic imaging.

IMAGE 1 offers documentation and printing functions as integrated modules. The CCU’s front and rear USB ports allow for the simultaneous connection of various printers and USB mass storage devices.

All IMAGE 1 Camera Heads, regardless of whether they are FULL HD, standard definition, or designed for video endoscopy, can be used with a single IMAGE 1 HUB CCU.

Image 1 HUB HD Camera Heads:

Ref: 22220061-3 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 HD H3-ZA Autoclavable Camera Head

Ref: 22220060-3 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 HD H3-FA Autoclavable Camera Head

Ref: 22220055-3 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 HD H3-Z Camera Head

Ref: 22220053-3 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 HD H3-ZI Inline Camera Head

Ref: 22220050     Karl Storz IMAGE 1 HD H3 Camera Head

Ref: 22220054-3 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 HD H3-M COVIEW Camera Head

Ref: 22220056-3 Karl Storz IMAGE 1 HD H3-P Pendulum Camera Head K

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