Stryker 1488HD, 3CCD Digital HD / Ref: 1488-010-000

The 1488 HD Camera System is a cross-specialty solution designed to maximize the value of our customers’ investment in Stryker. By designing both hardware and software of the products, Stryker enables better overall performance and functionality of the system through tighter integration of each component in the platform. Because of this integration, Stryker continues to advance the capabilities of the entire portfolio of Stryker products. Beyond just a video platform, Stryker provides a comprehensive cross-specialty surgical solution for customers.

Features & Benefits:

SAFETY—Patients & Caregivers

  • Designed for Patient Safety – Enhanced light sensitivity of the 1488 allows the light source to run at lower power levels that can reduce the risk of patient/drape burns while still providing premium optical performance
  • Infravision Compatibility – Designed for clear identification and land-marking of critical anatomy (ureters and esophagus)

– Clinical/Patient Application

– Surgeon Education

SERVICE—Surgeon & Staff Engagement

  • Brightness and noise reduction provide excellent clarity and precision
  • Wingman Pneumatic Scope Holder Control

– Provides pneumatic image stability and control from the 1488 Camera Head

  • Customization:

– Designed specifically to optimize the color and light settings to meet the varying needs of different surgical specialties

– Programmable buttons allow for customization of user experience and control from within the surgical field, freeing nurses to focus on patient care and other required tasks

  • Optical Zoom Coupler—Dynamic optical zoom range with no compromise in image clarity

SUSTAINABILITY—Operational, Financial, Environmental

  • Enables potential efficiencies in:

– Operating procedures

– Surgeon and OR staff training and education

– Total cost of ownership

– Inventory management and purchasing

  • Camera head options enable standardization of video systems without compromising the ability to customize to a surgeon’s preferences based on their specialty or need
  • Scalable platform accommodates future advancements, functionality, peripheral integration and control


Camera inputs 1
Controls avail.
Hue tuning Yes
LIGHTING Automatic, manual
White balance Manual
Transillumination Yes
Video gain 9 levels
Sharpness 64-step enhancement
Additional controls 9 specialty settings, remotes for pictures and recording, zoom, gain increase/decrease, L9000 run/standby activation
Y/c 1
Ntsc Yes
Pal Yes
Digital 2 DVI
Additional Direct DVI fiber, FireWire
Pixel resolution 1920 x 1080p, 1280 x 1024p
DIMENSIONS 10.2 x 31.8 x 38.7 (4 x 12.5 15.3)
WEIGHT, kg 6 (13)
POWER NEEDED, VAC 100-240, 50/60 Hz
Additional Device control through voice and manual touchscreen via SDC3



Stryker 1488HD Camera Heads:

Ref: 1488-210-122 Stryker 1488 HD 3-Chip Camera Head and 18 mm Coupler Kit

Ref: 1488-210-105 Stryker 1488 HD 3-Chip Camera Head, C-Mount

Ref: 1488-610-122 Stryker 1488 HD 3-Chip Camera Head with Integrated Coupler

Ref: 1488-710-122 Stryker 1488 HD 3-Chip Inline Camera Head and 18 mm Coupler Kit

Ref: 1488-710-105 Stryker 1488 HD 3-Chip Inline Camera Head, C-Mount

Ref: 1488-310-130 Stryker 1488 HD 3-Chip Pendulum Camera Head with Integrated Coupler 

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