Stryker CORE & TPS System

CORE and TPS are an integrated, comprehensive group of surgical power tools developed for the fine tolerances of small bone specialties. These system combines speed, power, balance and simplicity to deliver specialty-driven handpieces for optimal performance.

Specialty driven instruments with increased power for precision cutting with complete OR standardization

The CORE or TPS Console provides a central control environment for powered instruments in the operating room

A wide variety of Surgical Drills, Saws, Burs, and Microdebriders

Stryker Core 5400-50 – The console’s software provides control over system components including the console, the graphical user interface (GUI), the irrigation pump, and the connected handpieces and footswitches (see figure 1). The software’s file management capability allows you to save and store user preference settings and have convenient access to a favorites list of the most frequently used files to improve efficiency.


Size:  12.5 in. [317.5 mm] width 5 in. [127 mm] height 17 in. [431.8 mm] depth

Weight:  20 lbs. [9.1 kg]

Power Supply: Input voltage: 100-120 V ~, 50-60 Hz, 6.0 A


Stryker 5400-15 Core Micro Drill

Stryker 5400-31 Oscillating Saw

Stryker 5400-34 Sagittal Saw

Stryker 5400-37 CORE Reciprocating Saw

Stryker 5400-99 CORE Universal Driver – Dual-Trigger

Stryker 5400-100 Core U Drill

Stryker TPS 5100-1 The Stryker Total Performance System is intended for use in the cutting, drilling, decorticating, and smoothing of bone and other bone related tissue in a variety of surgical procedures. It is also used for the placement or cutting of screws, wires, pins, and other fixation devices as it can be used to cut metal


Size: 11.8 in. [299 mm] wide   x   6.0 in. [152 mm] high   x   9.0 in. [229 mm] deep

    12.2 in. [310 mm] deep (units with pump)

Weight: 6 lbs. [2.7 Kg]    /    11 lbs. [5.0 Kg] (units with pump)


Stryker 5100-15 Tps Micro Drill

Stryker 5100-31 Tps Micro Oscillating Saw

Stryker 5100-34 Tps Micro Sagittal Saw

Stryker 5100-37 Tps Micro Reciprocating

Stryker 5100-010-060 Perforator Chuck

Stryker 5100-99 TPS Universal Driver – Dual-Trigger.  Accepts 4100 series attachments

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