Stryker FloControl REF. 350-600-001

The FloControl pump controls both inflow and outflow as well as regulates shaver suction with a variable flow rate. No special cannulas are needed; however, Stryker “high flow” arthroscopic cannulas or the Stryker Inflow/Outflow cannulas are recommended.

Tube sets are ergonomic and intuitive to set up. The FloControl arthroscopy pump can also be used as an inflow only pump. This feature is ideal for shorter procedures or cost cutting measures within the OR.

Features & Benefits

Programmable joint icons change the flow rate and pressure for ideal performance during knee, shoulder and small joint procedures

Wash button quickly clears the joint of debris. Length of wash and pressure increase can vary depending upon surgeon preference

Fluid conservation feature helps maximize OR efficiency and reduce cost

LCD screen display provides easily identifiable digital readout of flow rate, preset and in joint pressure


Power Supply 100–240 V~

Mains fuse T 3.5 A/250 V~

UL recognized

Frequency 50–60 Hz

Max. Power Consumption 145 VA

Dimensions Width x height x depth 315 x 215 x 450 [mm]

Weight 13.1 kg

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