Stryker Multi-Specialty Cart/ Ref: 240-099-020K

Stryker’s Multi-Specialty Video Cart can be used to accommodate equipment for multiple specialty procedures, reducing the need for multiple video carts in the OR. With a larger frame and wider shelves than typical carts, it can accommodate more endoscopic equipment and allow video devices to sit side-by-side.

Features & Benefits

Our Multi-Specialty Cart has several features to simplify management of video and other equipment in the OR, including:

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight for easy movement
  • Generous shelf space
  • Front-mounted power switch
  • Flat-panel mounting arm
  • CO2 tank bracket
  • Removable bracket for attaching a flat screen stand and monitor
  • High-end caster wheels
  • Cord wraps for easy cord management
  • 8-outlet, UL-approved power strip
  • Isolation transformer included

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