Stryker System 6

Includes a number of heavy-duty drills and saws. The Sagittal Saw features two-speed control, providing several cutting options. The Reciprocating Saw is compact and has excellent ergonomics. The Sternum Saw cuts aggressively with its faster cutting speed. The Rotary Hand pieces permit drilling at high speed and reaming at high torque.

It takes advantage of innovative motor technology and offers lesser vibration and better hand piece control. There are single and dual trigger options as well as reaming and drilling attachments. It also comes with modular sterilization containers and batteries.


Rotary Handpieces
Now providing more options for greater versatility and surgeon preference.
One handpiece allows for both high speed drilling and high torque reaming.
Quick and easy selection of direction and safety options.
Available in Single and Dual Trigger models.

6203-000-000 Single Trigger Rotary

6205-000-000 Dual Trigger Rotary

System 6 Heavy Duty Saws
Advanced Motor Technology provides increased torque for a faster and more efficient cut

6206-000-000 Reciprocating Saw – Smaller size for better ergonomics and ease of use

6207-000-000 Sternum Saw

6208-000-000 Sagittal Saw – Two speed control allows for a wider range of cutting options

6209-000-000 Stryker Precision saw РOscillating tip dramatically reduces vibration and enhances handpiece control


6110-120-000 System 6 Battery Charger – Quickly charges System 6 batteries.

Modular design allows for 4 different batteries to be charged at the same time.

Interactive screen allows user to assess the condition of the battery and read battery usage.

Battery charging station diagnoses battery levels and usage

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