Zimmer ATS 1500

Is an automatic tourniquet which has been found useful in producing a bloodless operating field in a surgical procedure involving extremities. It is indicated to temporally occlude blood flow in patient’s extremities during a surgical procedure on those extremities.


–  Battery: Rechargeable 12V
–  Battery Discharge Time: Will Operate On Battery Power For 15 Minutes
–  Battery Recharge Time: 24 Hours Max
–  Internal Air Pump
–  Cuff Pressure Range:  50 – 475 mmHg
–  Maximum Pressure:  Up To 475 mmHg
–  Time Alarm Set Ranges: 0 – 240 Minutes; 1-Minute Increments
–  Operates 2 Cuffs At The Same Settings, Pressure & Time
–  Controls: On/Standby Switch, Pressure Touch-Switches, Time Touch-Switches, Cuff Touch-Switches, & Alarm Silence Switches
–  Overall Dimensions: 8.75in W x 7.1in D x 16.13in H
–  Weight: 20lbs

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