Arthrex AR-8300

Is a motorized, suction/cutting device used for the resection and aspiration of soft tissue, cartilage and bone during arthroscopic surgical procedures.
The console is microprocessor controlled and features two fully functional channels that allow optional simultaneous handpiece operation. Both channels can be operated with a single foot switch or individually when a second foot switch is attached to the console. The adapter Power System II has a maximum speed of 8,000 revolutions per minute, providing precise burr control during surgical procedures.
Width 36.8 cm (14.5 inches) Height 13.2 cm (5.2 inches) Depth 32.5 cm (12.8 inches)
Weight 7.2 kg (16 lbs.)
Water protection IPX1
Mains cable 10 A/250 V
Power entry module IEC 320/C13
Fuse value 6.3 A, 250 V~, 2.0 cm (0.75 inches) Type T
AC input 87-264V~, 47/63Hz, 6.3A
Applied Part Type BF
Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization refer to Sections 6.0 Cleaning and Disinfecting and 7.0 Sterilization

Linvatec Advantage D3000

The Advantage Drive System combines the functionality of the APEX Drive Sys­tem. The E9000™ System and the PRO2000 PowerPro™ System into one unit. The top portion of the controller is a combina­tion handpiece-drive and low-flow irrigation pump that operates a variety of handpieces con­sisting of drills, shavers, and saws. in conjunc­tion with assorted attachments to perform bone cutting, reaming and drilling. And soft tissue resection.
Dimensions:   7 .o·· (W) x 5.o·· (H) x 13. 7y· (D)
43.2 cm (W) x 12.7 cm (H) x 35.0 cm (D)
Weight:  19.5 lbs. (8.86 kg)
Pump Flow Rate: 0 -150 mL/minute
Total Port Output: 325 VA max. (With 2 handpieces simultaneously connected)
Input Voltage: 115 VAC

Dyonics Power II 72200873

Offers two unique, customizable oscillate modes for efficient soft tissue resection; dual hot ports for simultaneous shaver and powered instrument operation; and an integrated flush lavage feature to rapidly clear the visual field of debris.
Control Unit Dimensions 5.75" H x 12" W x 14.25" D
146 mm H x 305 mm W x 362 mm D
Control Unit Weight 13.85 lbs / 6.28 kg
Power Requirements 100–120/200–220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 960 VA

Dyonics Power 7205841

Blade family auto recognition recalls blade and burr settings
Blade window lock helps protect tissue from open edge forms. Communicates with DYONICS 25 and INTELIJET™ pumps to maximize visibility while minimizing fluid usage.
Control Unit Dimensions 5.75" H x 12" W x 14.25" D
146 mm H x 305 mm W x 362 mm D
Control Unit Weight 13.85 lbs / 6.28 kg
Power Requirements 100–120/200–220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 960 VA

Stryker Core 5400-50

Theconsole’s software provides control over system components including the console, the graphical user interface (GUI), the irrigation pump, and the connected handpieces and footswitches (see figure 1). The software’s file management capability allows you to save and store user preference settings and have convenient access to a favorites list of the most frequently used files to improve
Size:  12.5 in. [317.5 mm] width 5 in. [127 mm] height 17 in. [431.8 mm] depth
Weight:  20 lbs. [9.1 kg]
Power Supply: Input voltage: 100-120 V ~, 50-60 Hz, 6.0 A

Stryker TPS 5100-1

The Stryker Total Performance System is intended for use in the cutting, drilling, decorticating, and smoothing of bone and other bone related tissue in a variety of surgical procedures. It is also used for the placement or cutting of screws, wires, pins, and other fixation devices as it can be used to cut metal
Size: 11.8 in. [299 mm] wide   x   6.0 in. [152 mm] high   x   9.0 in. [229 mm] deep
         12.2 in. [310 mm] deep (units with pump)
Weight: 6 lbs. [2.7 Kg]    /    11 lbs. [5.0 Kg] (units with pump)

Stryker Crossfire 475-000-000

Is a combination powered shaver system/electrosurgical generator, intended for use in arthroscopic and orthopedic procedures. Acts as a connection hub for the various components of the Crossfire™ system.  Powers a motorized shaver handpiece for the mechanical cutting and debridement of bone and soft tissue.  Generates bipolar radio frequency (RF) energy for the electrosurgical cutting and coagulation of tissue.  Provides a central user interface for operating the Crossfire™ system.
Size: 16.9" L × 12.5" H × 4.5" W    Weight: 20 lbs
Voltage: 100-240 VAC @ 50/60Hz, 6 – 10 A Inlet Fuse: 15 A, 250V
Motor output max speed: 12000 RPM
Motor duty cycle: Continuous operation
RF output waveform: 200 kHz ± 1%, square wave, Crest factor <1.5 @ 200 ohms

Stryker Crossfire II REF. 475-100-000

The two-in-one resection platform enables the ability to operate shaver and RF functionality all in one console, thus saving space on the Arthroscopy cart or Video tower in the Operating Room.  ReconiSense technology allows the CrossFire 2 to integrate with our CrossFlow Arthroscopy Pump, optimizing suction and flow rates per disposable.  The integrated foot pedal controls SERFAS Energy Probes, Formula Shaver Handpieces, and CrossFlow functionality

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